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An EVS contribute from Georgia
EVS volunteers stick together! And when we have to say goodbye to eachother after finishing our projects, we feel sad. We are really like a big family! We basically live together and we become very close to each other, so going home is something connected to strong feelings.

But "it's life", said one of them to me yesterday while chatting on ICQ. Yes, good that we have internet today! It makes the world a smaller place.

Aleks Metreveli from Georgia was here in Banská Štiavnica one year and we got to know eachother quite well. Every EVS volunteer liked him.

Here is his small contribute for everyone that had the pleasure to meet him.

"When I came back home it was for me a very boring period. I missed Slovakia so much! But now it's OK. Of course I still miss everyone I met there, especially everyone connected to EVS and friends in Zvolen, Žarnovica and Banská Štiavnica. But my friends, I will soon be back to visit you! Take care and see you again... soon, very soon!"

Aleks you take care as well and we hope to see you here before we leave back to Slovenia.

Aleksander Rebula, Azra Harbaš, EVS volunteers
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