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Chilli 4 in Banská Štiavnica
Things are happening in our "Penzión", the Scout House! Since the beginning of spring the official season has started. Day after day we meet new people and we have the pleasure to offer our capacities for seminars or trainings like the last one named "Chilly 4". Chilli 4 is the last of the series of four trainings for scout leaders.

Everything started on Thursday 31st of May and finished on Sunday 3rd of June.
The training was attempted by 25 scout participants from different parts of Slovakia, aged from 17 to 25. The program was about how to run programs. The main topic of course was "how to lead groups".

All the participants will measure their achieved knowledge in October when they will have a final exam. Those who will successfully finish it will receive the "leadership certificate".

Good luck to everyone!

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Aleksander Rebula, EVS volunteer ()
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